Testimony of Reza

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Testimony of Reza

Reza asked that we contact him and he gave his testimony of how he came to meet with the Lord:It was about six months ago that I had the same dream twice in quick succession which I found highly intriguing. I dreamt that a hand reached out to me, and although I don't recall the persons face, I remember the voice which was warm and kind. He said to me come to me my child.I sought the find out the interpretation of the dreams and asked the mullahs and the learned but I did not find any answers that were convincing. So, I forgot all about it until one day by accident I watched a SAT-7 PARS program which talked about Jesus saying come to me all you who labour and that made me want to know more about Christianity, and then I remembered my dream and I knew its interpretation. So I found your number and left you a message, and now I want to give my heart to Jesus Christ and become a child of the Lord. We prayed with Mohammad Reza and he gave his life to Jesus. We sent him a Bible in PDF format and two other books to help him find out more about Christianity. We have arranged for him to be in more contact so we may answer any questions he might have.

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