Being filled by the Spirit

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Being filled by the Spirit


The imperative command given to us in this passage is that the days are evil and full of danger. The Lord through Paul is giving us a way of overcoming the soul-deadening power of the world.


What We Must Do 

Don’t seek solace in excessive drinking of wine and drunkenness, instead seek the Lord. Be filled with the Spirit. The translation of this verse often fails to communicate its full meaning, which is: “Be ongoingly filled, or be being-filled, by the Holy Spirit.” 


It’s not a once in a life time thing, rather, to be filled every day is an inherent part of a Christian’s ongoing walk.


One danger in the world of entertainment and virtual media that is available at out finger-tips 24/7 is that we can indulge in idolatry and seek solace in things such as social media, music and sport. But the Lord is our only true solace.


Walking circumspectly involves watching how we go; being aware of our weaknesses and the dangers that surround us. Not being passive hearers of our inner voice, but with the help of the Holy Spirit actively guide the inner conversation with Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord. 

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