Ashkan: A Life Changed

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Ashkan: A Life Changed

I lived in northern Iran for the first 28 years of my life until I left for Tehran, whereIled a lonely existence. There was no one to ask after me and many a night I went to bed and told myself that I have no God.


I would gaze at the sky and wonder why I had to endure such hardship. So it was until one morning when I was about to shave I noticed a dark patch on my face, which turned out to be a chronic skin disease. It then spread all over my body and for eight months I isolated myself. I had had enough and I called my friend Reza and asked to see him, but didn’t mention what it was about.



At Reza’s house I asked him to do something for me. I explained that I was tired [of life] and wanted to go. I had no father and no mother and just wanted to leave this world. Reza said: “I can’t help you with this, because God has healed me.” I asked what he meant and his answers were beyond belief.


He led me into his courtyard, laid hands on my head and prayed for me. He talked to Jesus and prayed that I would be freed from sin and evil influences. There were others at his house who were worshipping God with hands raised and lovingly worshipped Him with songs of joy. My mind was swirling as I thought about how we had been taught that to please god we have to weep and beat people up. 



I couldn’t get my mind around it, but gradually the Lord worked in me and I came to realise that the life I had led to that point was full of sin and evil. Even my eyes led me into sin, yet little by little Christ worked and changed my life. Jesus told me: ‘you are my child and I acted for you’. 


Every morning I prayed and read my Bible quietly in a room with the door locked. Then I would cycle across to the shop where I worked until dusk when I returned home. One time I spoke with brother Nasser at the Church about my frustrations. He said to me that I needed to wait on God and seek Him to see which parts of my life were a problem and I would gain insight into why I was in such turmoil.


At this point I had not yet completely given my heart to Jesus. Then and there, at Church, I went on my knees and repented. I confessed all my sins and remembered how I was thrown out by my parents and the things that had happened to me.



I want to encourage anyone who wants to believe on Jesus to bring their whole life, with what faith they have, to the foot of the cross of Jesus. I believe as the Lord raised me from such a low point and transformed me, He will do the same for you. 


I say this to those who don’t know God: I have been a believer for seven years and ever since I put my faith in Jesus, my life and behaviour have changed. The old things, the ignorance, sin, lies and adultery have gone; the Lord has freed me from all these things. I encourage anyone who doesn’t know Jesus to come to Him. He will change you from within and give you a new life. You just need to give your all to Him; heart body and soul and you will be transformed.

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