Testimony of Amir

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Testimony of Amir

With greetings and blessings to all my brothers and sisters, in particular at SAT-7 PARS. The Shalom of the Lord to you all and may His blessings always be shield and protection for all networks like yours. I also hope that your prayers will always be for our protection.
I am so grateful that you have allowed time to hear my testimony and the time you set aside for believers and for people to hear about how the faith is bearing fruit and many people are coming to faith, praise God. From childhood my spirit had a special regard for Christ and I thank God that Christ started with my spirit.
I became entangled in difficulties as I grew older. My father was a Moslem cleric studying divinity and my mother was a 13-year-old girl, and because there was no salvation in our household my grandfather consented to the marriage. I thank God that later she divorced and didn't live with that man. Much later when I visited that man home I found both him and his house very cold. The spirit of death, suffering and hopelessness reigned in that place. I simply could not bear it there and left before a week had passed and I left with a deep sense of relief.
I had not seen my father for twenty years and then when I did see him he was not who I expected. He was a brittle, angry and belligerent and I could not stand him. I left his home and came to know a sister.
At that time, I was depressed and my past was a source of suffering and sorrow for me. I was 23, smoking and drinking, and unable to form deep relationships even with the sister who had come into my life. This caused a great deal of turmoil within me and in my spirit - I could not understand the reason for it.
I went to astrology and even Islamic gatherings and I found I was unable to find peace or make relationships there. It was later that I understood that there were no connections or relationships in those places at all. I hope everyone understands, we cannot have relationships with the world of the dead. As Christ said, leave your dead to the dead, and I could not form relationships with those people because they were dead. Thank God for Christ! Jesus Christ is alive and He is working for us. I thank God for this sister who came into my life for a short time, worked on my behalf, helped me, spoke to me, prayed and brought me to faith. I truly give thanks to the Lord that my spirit was open to her and I came to faith.
Aged 23 I was greedy for the world and its pleasures when the sister with whom I became acquainted introduced me to the word of God and with confession. I confessed that I was a sinner unable to attain righteousness through my own good deeds and that Jesus Christ alone can save me.
I put my faith in Christ and daily asked Him to free me from cigarettes and alcohol. For 18 months I was struggling with my body and during this period there was no Church for me to go and meet with fellow Christians. I prayed alone or with one other person and finally I was able to put these thins away. The Lord wanted it so and my flesh finally bowed before the Lord and I was able to find some peace.
Then I came to have complete peace and grow in my faith and I found that my spirit and body became one and I was able to leave many worldly things behind. I was praying and reading the bible and these became a source of joy to me. I lost a great deal of money and I can say I have hit the bottom, yet I can say that I am not upset or sad. I may not have a family alongside me but I have no need; I have God as my Father and Jesus is always my protection in all places and in every way. I give thanks to God.
No doubt many of those who are not in the faith seek to try and hear from the dead. I spent 23 years in the religious gatherings and I saw nothing but hurt, harassment and strife.
I was 13 at the time of my mothers second marriage, this time to a Christian. As my step-father had a Bible, unintentionally would read it. I was also reading the Quran, with some difficulty, but I gravitated to the Bible as my spirit was drawn to it. As my step-father had a Bible, unintentionally would read it. I was also reading the Quran, with some difficulty, but I gravitated to the Bible as my spirit was drawn to it.
I thank God that I came to know the Gospel and when I am reading it I sense that the Spirit is speaking to me and I thank God for this gift that God has given to me. Sometimes I say things and I dont know where it has come from. For example one of the guys seeks advice from me and says why did someone say such and such. And I say the Lord has said that a person who shows themselves to be greater than you is smaller than you and someone who shows himself smaller than you is greater than you. Dont think the Lord has said this just for you and I that pastor standing there and speaking to me has really humbled himself before he was able to get to this point where he may be seen as great by us
Those who try to present themselves as great are always weaker and smaller than we are. The word of God wasn't just for that time and my desire is that it reaches the hearing of all. I have suffered much pain, spiritually and physically, at the hands of my father and step-mother to get here. There was no help other than from God, I experienced many difficulties and shed tears, and no one helped me other than Christ. Healing is from Christ.
My grandfathers thinking is completely Islamic and a while ago I notice he wasn't taking his medicine so I asked him why. He said that he had been healed. I asked how. And he said a certain person had healed him. I said that is not possible.
Later they saw that I had spoken truthfully after a while his lungs were found to be retaining water and he suffered a great deal. He is now back on the medicines. All this is so that we dont come to faith in Christ and instead claim healing in our own strength.
Dear friends, thank God for you. Please be in prayer for me that I dont fall in practice. I am always praying for you and for your network that it may always stand strong and that the Holy Spirit would reign powerfully and the Word of God would be a shining beacon in your lives. May the Lord be your protection always. Once again praise God for you all and please do remember to pray for me.




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