Testimony of Amir Abbas Aramesh

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Testimony of Amir Abbas Aramesh

How did I come to faith? About 20 years ago I started doubting about Islam. I was wondering why it so harsh, why everything is mandatory, why is this god so cruel. I was afraid of God and thought that I would end up deep in hell. I was forced by family to go to the mosque and do the religious rituals.I was 18 when I got hired at a governmental office. In the mornings we were obligated to attend Quran classes and being absent had consequences such as being reproached and affecting our job evaluation.But I saw that those who did attend had unvirtuous lifestyles filled with theft, adultery and vulgarity. There were a few mullahs amongst them who asked me to do put a laminate floor at their house; however, on that day when I went for the job, they forcefully tightened up my hands and legs and raped me. They threatened me that I would get fired if I would tell anyone. I was disgraced.
I turned away from God from Islam and Quran from Ali and Mohammad and believed that all religions were lies. How could such people who promoted their religion and had spent their lives reading and memorising the commands and principles of their religion do such a thing?!To forget my pain I started using alcohol and drugs. This eventually affected my performance at my job and I was fired. I was a healthy man when I started working and at the end, I left my work as a drug addict. No one wondered what happened to a healthy man and no one asked if I needed any help. The office inspectors ruined my reputation by disciplinary punishment and imprisonment and at the end, they fired me dishonourably.Three months and nine days ago I was at home watching your program when a pastor said to pray with him right then and Jesus Christ would save me. I knelt and prayed.Something beautiful happened since then. I have stopped using alcohol and drugs after being in the bondage for 18 years. I now read the Bible daily and watch your network programs. God has a plan for me. I am so happy that my appearance doesn't give away that I've been an addict for so long. Thank God for our Saving Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God who was crucified on the cross for us. He was tortured and died for our sins. He rose from dead after three days and brought us the good news of forgiveness and a new life. All can enter His ways. Amen. I, Amir Abbas Aramesh, proudly and without any fear announce that I have become a Christian. I need good teaching .I want to be able to share Christ with others.please help me with this. Thank you

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