Testimony of Hasti

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Testimony of Hasti

My name is Hasti and I am from Tehran. I became a believer about a year ago and I truly dont know how to thank you, you have done so much for me. From the moment that I get out bed until the moment I fall asleep, I watch your programs all day long. Thank you Lord Jesus for coming into my life and showing me my weaknesses one by one and I want to thank all of you as well because you helped me on this road. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Right now, I am experiencing a feeling that I have never experienced before. My mother passed away but the reason I could endure this pain is because of the peace of mind that Jesus Himself gave me. Over the past year many strange things have happened to me. Ever since I became a believer my life has changed in so many way, even when I was facing so many problems God did not leave me alone, praise the lord. He speaks to me in a very beautiful. I used to look for the truth to these things and I attended many theology and mysticism classes but something deep inside me said that none of these things is the truth. After reading the bible I realized that many of the things I learned in those classes were taken from the bible it is, praise the Lord for helping me discover the truth and for allowing me to know more about God

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