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A New Series Focusing on Letters From Jesus

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A New Series Focusing on Letters From Jesus

It is wonderful to know that we do indeed have letters dictated by Jesus Himself. Seven of them to be precise and they are of course to be found in chapters two and three in the book of Revelation.


Sally Momtazi, one of the popular presenters on SAT-7 PARS, is currently preparing to film series on the seven letters and the seven Churches whom they address.


Sally outlines their importance: “these seven Churches are patterns for Churches not only in the first Century, but throughout history. And so they present a powerful tool in assessing the health of a Church and of an individual Christian’s relationship with God. The new series offers a good opportunity to raise awareness of SAT-7 PARS viewers of the letters and set out what Jesus is saying to each one of us and to our Churches. The aim is to equip Persian-speaking Christians with knowledge and these important spiritual tools.”


The series, which should be completed by 2020, will present an in-depth analysis of the seven Churches, their distinctive features and history. It will also explore their significance for Christians and the Church in our time.

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